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The IP & TMT practice group provides results-oriented, effective and feasible solutions for all aspects of intellectual property (IP), unfair competition and data protection law, as well as IT, telecommunications and media and technology law (TMT). We recognise that assets in this area are vital in enabling our clients’ business success, and we appreciate their growing importance in today’s global business environment.

Our expertise

We have a vast body of experience and knowledge in the following fields:

  • Protection, licensing and commercialisation of trademarks, copyrights, designs and patents
  • Protection of know-how, manufacturing and trade secrets
  • Domain names, trade dress and company names
  • Data protection and privacy
  • Computer, Internet and information technology (IT) together with digital data

We are also particularly experienced in litigation and arbitration concerning intellectual property and related rights.

Our services

We advise and support our clients in transactions and other projects and represent them in legal proceedings relating to all types of intellectual property, IT, data protection and unfair competition, namely:

Intellectual property

  • Advice and enforcement of protection and defence strategies concerning intellectual property rights (patents, copyrights, trademarks, designs), know-how, manufacturing and trade secrets and domain names
  • Representation in disputes on defence and enforcement of patents, trademarks, designs, domain names, copyrights, manufacturing and trade secrets and other intellectual property rights before administrative authorities, all state criminal and civil courts and arbitration tribunals (including ICC, SCAI and WIPO)
  • Advice and representation in the luxury goods and life science industries in anti-counterfeiting and litigation proceedings, including cooperation with customs authorities
  • Transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights, know-how and data
  • Setup and implementation of franchising and distribution systems
  • Advice on sponsorship and testimonial agreements
  • Cooperation arrangements for research and development (R&D)
  • Advice and support (including due diligence) on intellectual property aspects of Swiss and cross-border M&A transactions
  • Representation in disputes concerning technologies and licensing of regulated products such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemical substances, diagnostic procedures, foodstuffs, cosmetic products and data
  • Advice and support in proceedings before Swiss registration authorities (in particular the Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, IPI) and regulatory authorities (in particular the Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products Swissmedic, Federal Office of Public Health, OFCOM, Swiss Commission for Fair Trading)
  • Advice and support in transactions and representation in disputes concerning media, marketing and advertising rights
  • Arbitrator mandates in IP-related arbitration proceedings
  • Advice and representation in cases of product recalls and product liability
  • Preparation of expert opinions in the field of intellectual property and unfair competition law

IT, cybersecurity and data protection

  • Assistance in outsourcing and IT projects as well as legal support with regard to integration, infrastructure and migration projects
  • Transfer and licensing of software and AI technologies
  • Representation before all state civil and criminal courts and before arbitration tribunals in disputes concerning IT matters, in particular rights to software, technologies and their licensing
  • Advice on Internet use, cyber security, use of shared services, global ICT platforms and cloud services
  • Advice on and development of e-commerce solutions and blockchain networks, especially for the recovery and distribution of financial services, research results and regulated products
  • Advice in all areas of data protection, in particular the development of data protection concepts and strategies for companies and the execution of data protection training
  • Representation in data protection proceedings, in particular before the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner and in civil law disputes and investigations in data leakage and discovery proceedings
  • Advice and support in the processing of personal data and Big Data in the health sector
  • Advice and representation in cases of violation of personal rights, especially in social media

Industry sectors

Our sector focus mainly includes:

  • Biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals
  • Medical technology
  • Food and beverages
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Automotive industry
  • Trade and distribution
  • Financial and insurance services and Fintech
  • Consumer and luxury goods
  • Media
  • IT, telecommunications
  • Mechanical engineering

Team Members

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