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The Life Sciences practice group provides industry-specific legal and tax advice to companies operating in the field of life sciences technologies. Our practice areas range from biotechnology and medical technology to the pharmaceutical industry, covering diagnostics, personalised medicine, dietary supplements, cosmetics, food processing, biochemistry and medical devices and equipment, as well as other regulated products and services.
In addition, the experts of our Life Sciences Practice Group support organisations and institutions in research and development projects, processing and use of digital data, technology transfers, commercialisation of intellectual property rights as well as the establishment of distribution structures.

Our expertise

Pestalozzi offers a full range of industry-specific legal and tax expertise. Our team includes professionals with industry-specific life sciences experience in corporate/M&A, financing and capital markets, intellectual property, real estate, competition, trade environment, tax, litigation and arbitration.

Our services

We offer a comprehensive industry-specific range of legal and tax advice, which includes the following areas particularly:

  • Distribution and licensing permits, import/export regulations, compliance advice and vigilance
  • Acquisitions, mergers, spin-offs, IPOs, joint ventures and other transactions
  • Regulatory due diligence and audits
  • Establishment of production and distribution structures for regulated products
  • Application and delivery of medicinal products and medical devices
  • Pricing and discounting of medicinal products and medical devices
  • Production and distribution of cannabis products, including medical cannabis, established and novel foods
  • Financing of business activities, research projects and sales activities, venture capital investments and IPOs
  • Protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, in particular patents, know-how, technical processes and data
  • Licencing and transfer of intellectual property rights, know-how and market authorisations
  • Cooperation, e.g. concerning R&D, clinical trials and distribution of therapeutic products and biotechnological products
  • Data protection, e.g. in clinical trials, R&D and other forms of collaboration between industry and service providers
  • Product safety, labelling and product liability, especially with regard to medical devices, medicinal products and food, including recalls
  • Proceedings before the supervisory and regulatory authorities and before ordinary courts and arbitral tribunals
  • Public procurement
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